Here’s The Scientific Reason Why Women Are Attracted To Rockstars?!

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For decades male rock stars have been known for an unrivaled ability to draw hordes of admiring female fans. Now researchers may have uncovered a scientific reason for their attractiveness to the opposite sex.

How To Get Your Band Noticed


Learn what it takes to get noticed for your music in this interview with Ash Avildsen.

In this video Matt Halpern of Bandhappy interviews Ash of Sumerian Records about what it takes to really make it as a musician. Ash pushes musicians to be honest with themselves and work hard, but stands behind talent as the key ingredient for success.

Learn what it takes to get noticed and techniques you can use to improve your performance and really speak to your audience.

This video is from the CreativeLive course, Working Musician Playbook. Learn more about becoming a working musician here:


Shirt/Shark Tooth/Digital Download Deal


SWS Package Deal! $25


SWS signs Hellbent, releases ‘Southern Brutality’

Swimming With Sharks Records is pleased to announce the signing of Alabama’s premier Southern Metal outfit, HellBent, to a Worldwide Distribution Deal. The band’s latest effort, ‘Southern Brutality’, features 10 heavy hitting metal masterpieces, chocked full of groove, sludge, and death metal goodness. The band has made a name for themselves throughout Alabama and has no plans to stop anytime soon, as the band is set to perform a number of upcoming shows, including a few dates with Philip Anselmo’s Housecore Records band, Warbeast, in August 2014.

Guitarist and founding member, Mike Daniels, comments, “This is truly one of the greatest days in the history of HellBent. Today we officially become part of the Swimming With Sharks Records family. We talked to a number of labels, but few offered us something that would not only be a label contract, but also a partnership. We are very appreciative and grateful to SWS for showing faith in us and wanting to share this journey with us. SWS holds an insane roster of amazing bands and HellBent is honored to stand with them and call them family. We also want to thank everyone that has supported us and stood with us up until this day. We could have never made it this far without you! Buckle your seatbelts friends, HellBent is coming for the throat!”

The band was founded by Mike Daniels and David Pruitt in 2005 as a studio project, which later transformed into a full band in 2012. The current lineup includes David Pruitt – Vocals, Mike Daniels – Guitar, Jimmy Johnson – Lead Guitar, William Pouncey – Bass, and Andy Davis – Drums.

HellBent is Sponsored/Endorsed by: Dirt Bag Clothing, Sinister Guitar Picks, Auburn Guitar Shoppe.

Watch the Official Music Video for “Divine Tragedy” here:

Stream and Download the ‘Southern Brutality’ album

Check out the band

SWS signs The Conjuration, releases ‘Surreal’

Swimming With Sharks Records has officially announced the addition of, The Conjuration, to their roster of artists. The project is a solo effort from producer and multi-instrumentalist, Corey Jason, and can best be described as extreme, experimental metal and/or avant-garde death metal. The band’s latest effort ‘Surreal’ is currently available to stream and download and boasts 8 insane tracks and a free bonus track featuring a cover of “F(r)iend from In Flames. 

The Conjuration mastermind, Corey Jason states, “After almost 10 years of diligently learning and perfecting my craft, it’s a dream come true that my labors of love have been discovered! I spent hours upon hours over the last year and a half making the newest The Conjuration album ‘Surreal’; a vicious work of refined emotion that exceeds my artistic vision. Swimming With Sharks Records has shown me that my efforts have not been in vain!

I’m beyond excited to work with Swimming With Sharks, as it’s clear they’re offering an artist-centric promotion platform and are 100% committed to the growth and advancement of each band on their roster. I’m sure it’s every artist’s goal to sign with a label that promotes creativity, and I believe I’m lucky enough to have reached such goal. Expect great things, my friends.”
‘Surreal’ is available at
The track listing is as follows:

Surreal (2014)


1. Profane
2. Capricorn
3. Kaleidoscopic Thought
4. Fragile
5. Surreal
6. Perception Shattered: A Darker Scope
7. Introvert
8. Overdose
9. Free Bonus Track: F(r)iend (In Flames Cover)

Kansas City Sampler

Here’s the new FREE Music Sampler – Kansas City Edition! Featuring some of the best Rock and Metal that the Kansas City Area has to offer!



Here’s the Track Listing:

The Yellowbricks – New Limo 03:02
David Hasselhoff on Acid – Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise 06:27
Hester Prynne – Grimy 04:56
At The Left Hand Of God – An Anthem For Honor 03:29
Marasmus – Mountains Of Dead 02:16
Conflicts – Nuketown 03:42
My Only Hope – Your Demise My Outcome 03:08
Dogs Of Delphi – Blood Brick and Mortar 04:57
In The Shadow – A Necessary Evil 04:29
Gornography – Pissing Blood 01:59
Torn The Fuck Apart – The Dissection of Christ 03:33
Moire – Revenge Kill 03:07
Janet The Planet – Under The City 07:39
Triplicity Guild – Darkness Falls 04:54

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