A Killer Independent Record Label


SWS is an independent record label launched in July of 2011 by Noah “Shark” Robertson (drummer from The Browning/Motograter). The label was founded in Dallas, Texas and specializes primarily in rock and metal, although not exclusively.

Combining resources, knowledge, industry experience, and an unhealthy obsession with Sharks…Swimming With Sharks Records was born! With an intense love for music, Swimming With Sharks Records is here to help hard-working, talented artists and bands take the next step in their careers and expose their music to the masses.

Swimming With Sharks Records is always accepting demos and press kits, and has received submissions from all over the world including France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, and more. The label has signed several artists from all over the globe to worldwide distribution deals and has released a large amount of quality recordings in a short amount of time.



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