A Killer Independent Record Label


Eye Of The Enemy (Australia)

Ritual of Odds (Greece)

Hellbent (Alabama)


Affiliated Artists

The Vile Impurity (Springfield, Illinois)

Mouth of the Serpent (Los Angeles)

Bow Prometheus (Dallas, Texas)

Everfall (Estonia)

The Terrigen Mist (Atlanta, Georgia)

The Conjuration (Virginia)

Dei Aemeth (Dallas, Texas)

Awaiting The Apocalypse (California)

Aechoes (Las Vegas)

Thy Devourer (New Orleans)

The Brothers Highhorse (Denton, Texas)

Blindfolded And Led To The Woods (New Zealand)

Laconic (Arizona)

Forced Abortion (Illinois)

Jahmbi (California)

Commotio Cordis (Oklahoma City)

Chapel Hill

Swimming With Sharks (Australia)



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