A Killer Independent Record Label

Bow Prometheus


Official Press Release:
Swimming With Sharks Records has announced signing Bow Prometheus from the Dallas, Texas area to a worldwide distribution deal. The band is set to release their debut ‘Treachery’ EP near the end of February 2012. Their latest effort was recorded and produced by Jonny McBee, frontman to The Browning and ex-vocalist from As Blood Runs Black, and even features a guest vocal spot on the album.
Guitarist, Steven Rubio states, “Bow Prometheus is proud to announce that we have signed to Swimming With Sharks Records. We look forward to the future efforts they will put forth in helping our band reach our goals, and we’re grateful they are giving us the opportunity to showcase our skills and talent. We promise to stay committed to our dreams and work as hard and as diligent as needed in order to succeed as a band.”
The band got its start in Malakoff, Texas in a small studio apartment where keyboardist, Josh Giles began composing electronic arrangements which eventually evolved into full songs. The band mixes the best elements of Hardcore and Metalcore, accompanied by heavy synth back-drops. The band has quickly been gaining ground and reaching new audiences, spreading their brutal blend of Symphonic Deathcore to the masses. Bow Prometheus will be coming to a city near you, very soon!
Listen to the song ‘Burned’ here: http://soundcloud.com/sharkdrummer/bow-prometheus-burned
Bow Prometheus Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bow-Prometheus/198956896801672


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